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About Us

We are a group of India’s most trusted and fastest-growing companies helping people to build passive income by procuring their savings with us. We use your procurement for the operation of our portfolio companies as a bonus you get super-exclusive discounts if you shop through our E-commerce, Franchisee, and B2B
We launched DKZ TECHNOLGIES in 2019 to help people procure their savings in the right direction
1. Technology: Procuring in innovative tech products can be highly lucrative. Consider products related to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cybersecurity, or sustainable energy solutions. Look for startups or established companies with disruptive technologies and strong growth potential.
2. Consumer Goods B2B: Procure in consumer products that are in high demand or have a unique selling proposition. This could include products in the food and beverage industry, personal care items, eco-friendly products, or sustainable fashion....
3. E-commerce: The rise of online shopping presents procurement opportunities in e-commerce platforms, logistics and delivery services, or software solutions that enhance the online shopping experience.
4. Healthcare: The healthcare sector offers procurement opportunities in medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and digital health solutions. Look for advancements in telemedicine, personalized medicine, or breakthrough treatments for specific diseases.
5. Renewable Energy: With the growing focus on sustainability, Procuring in renewable energy products can be profitable. Consider solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage solutions, or electric vehicle infrastructure.
6. Fintech: The financial technology industry continues to evolve rapidly. Look for procurement opportunities in innovative payment systems, blockchain technology, peer-to-peer lending platforms, or robo-advisory services.


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Here, in Dkz we accept limitless procurements. Now procure & earn timely returns from any part of the world!

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