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How It Works

DKZ is a B2B selling company that offers a wide range of products in the areas of Groceries, Electronics, lifestyle through an Retail platform. DKZ supplies products to Resellers to help people live healthier and improve their lifestyle and livelihood.all of whom provide support to its growing base of customers and distributors. In addition to providing quality products, DKZ’s customers can also take advantage of the B2B selling business offered by DKZ by promoting its product Packages and services to others.

The process and steps of the application


Register Account

By Registering the website you will able to start your operation


Verify Email

After creating the account user need to verify the email for account purpose


Verify KYC

Users' KYC needs to verify to before making any withdrawals


Deposit Money

Users can deposit using any automatic or manual gateways


Procure plan

Users can procure any package to get sales returns monthly


Transfer Money

Users can transfer the fund to another user


Refer to Friends

For referring to any friends user can generate the



Withdraw can be performed in the main wallet and it will take a few time to complete

Why Building Passive Income Is a Smart Choice?

One of the primary reasons why building passive income is a smart choice is that you get financial security from it. Relying solely on a job for your income can leave you financially vulnerable, especially when unforeseen circumstances occur. With passive income streams, you can diversify your income streams and reduce your dependence on your job. This diversification provides a safety cushion in case one source of income experiences some challenges. Additionally, having a passive source of income can help you provide a financial cushion when unexpected events like job loss, medical expenses, or car repairs occur. Passive income offers you peace of mind so that even during emergencies, you have a financial cushion to fall back on.

A traditional 9-to-5 job is extremely demanding and tiring, as it requires and exhausts most of your time and energy. By building passive income for yourself, you can reduce your dependence on a traditional 9-to-5 job so that you can work less and have time to enjoy things that you love. It provides you not only with financial freedom but also the freedom to spend your time the way you want to. Passive income enables you to enjoy a better work-life balance, as it provides you with flexibility in how and when you work. It reduces the time and energy you need to allocate to work, which leads to a healthier work-life balance and improved overall well-being.

Another reason why building passive income is a smart and wise choice is that you have the ability to grow your income over time. The scalability of passive income allows for continued income growth. For instance, if you have invested in a rental property, you can accumulate money over time from the revenue generated through it to buy additional properties and increase your rental income. Furthermore, passive income isn’t limited to a single source. There are so many streams of income from which you can earn passively without working at all, including rental income, dividend payments from stocks, interest from investments, and royalties from creative works. This means that you can diversify your passive sources of income and strengthen your financial position.

In the current economic conditions, you cannot expect to build wealth with a 9-to-5 job alone. However, if you invest in different asset classes such as real estate, gold, Dhankesari, stocks, etc., then you are not only acquiring value and building a portfolio of assets but also generating income from them. These assets also increase in value over time, which further contributes to your overall wealth. The best thing about passive income is its power for compound growth. Once you start generating money from your passive sources, you can reinvest those earnings to further increase your income potential. Over time, these compounding effects can accelerate your wealth-building