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At DKZ, we specialize in bulk procurements of a wide range of goods - from groceries and apparels to electronics. Join us to access high-quality products at competitive prices and maximize your profits from sales returns.
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Your Gateway to Profitable Bulk Procurements!
Access top-quality groceries at competitive prices to enhance your store's offerings and boost your sales.
Stock up on trendy and high-quality apparels through our bulk procurement packages and attract more customers to your store.
Stay ahead of the competition by procuring the latest electronic products at unbeatable prices.
Unique Profit-Sharing Model


Fair Distribution
Enjoy a fair share of profits from all bulk procurement packages, reflecting our commitment to collective success.


Community Connection
Be part of a community where everyone benefits from the success of each other, fostering a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity.


Mutual Success
Your success is tied to the overall prosperity of the community, creating a supportive environment for retail store owners and managers.
Unlock Substantial Profits
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Partner with us to unleash the potential for substantial profits through strategic procurement and retail distribution. Benefit from a dynamic community that values collaboration and contributes to mutual success.
Maximize Profit
Access high-quality products at competitive prices and maximize your profits from sales returns.
Collaborative Community
Join a community that thrives on collective success and collaboration.
Grow Together
Be part of a community that thrives on mutual success and collective growth.
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Explore how DKZ's bulk procurements can benefit your retail business.
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Join us today and be part of a community that thrives on collective success. Let's grow together with DKZ!
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Become a part of a community that values and contributes to collective growth and success.
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The process and steps of the application


Register Account

By Registering the website you will able to start your operation


Verify Email

After creating the account user need to verify the email for account purpose


Verify KYC

Users' KYC needs to verify to before making any withdrawals


Deposit Money

Users can deposit using any automatic or manual gateways


Procure plan

Users can procure any package to get sales returns monthly


Transfer Money

Users can transfer the fund to another user


Refer to Friends

For referring to any friends user can generate the



Withdraw can be performed in the main wallet and it will take a few time to complete