Procurement Policy


The objective of this investment policy is to outline the guidelines and principles governing investments in our organization, with particular attention to the involvement of relatives of the founders or management committee members. The policy aims to maintain transparency, fairness, and ethical practices in all investment-related activities.


·  RELATIVES: Individuals who are directly related to the founders or members of the management committee through family ties, such as spouses, children, parents, siblings, or in-laws. Paternal & Maternal Cousins

·  NON-RELATIVES: Individuals who do not have a direct family relationship with the founders or management committee members.

·  INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES: All members, non-relatives, have equal access to investment opportunities in the organization, provided they comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.


·  Relatives of founders or management committee members are restricted from making any investment.

·  Existing investments by relatives will be returned to them upon maturity or payout date.


·  The organization is committed to maintaining transparency in all investment activities. Investment-related documents and records will be made available to all stakeholders, including non-relatives.


·  Investment opportunities are allocated based on fairness and compliance with the organization's policies. No preferential treatment will be given to relatives in investment matters.


·  In the event of any potential conflicts of interest involving relatives, a clear protocol for addressing such conflicts will be established, including recusal from decision-making processes.


·       All investments, whether made by Members/ Investors, must comply with the organization's investment guidelines and meet established criteria.


·       Regular reporting on investment activities and compliance with this policy will be maintained. The management committee will ensure accountability in adherence to the policy.


·       This policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended as necessary to address changing circumstances and ensure its effectiveness.


·       This policy will be communicated to all stakeholders and made easily accessible for reference.


· This investment policy serves as a framework for maintaining transparency, fairness, and ethical practices in our organization's investment activities. It is designed to ensure that all members and Investors are treated equitably and in accordance with established guidelines.

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