Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure
At DKZ Technologies, we believe in transparency and ensuring that our users are fully informed before making any investment decisions. Investing in alternative opportunities carries inherent risks, and it's crucial that you, as a investor of the DKZ Technologies platform, understand and acknowledge these risks before proceeding.
Loss of Investment
By investing in any of the opportunities listed on our platform, you acknowledge that there are no guaranteed returns, regardless of the amount invested. You understand that your investment is subject to market risks, and there's a possibility of losing some or all of your invested amount. We want to emphasize that every investment opportunity comes with its own set of risks, and it's essential to evaluate them thoroughly before committing funds.
Adverse Market Conditions
While we provide insights and projections based on past performance, it's important to note that past performance doesn't guarantee future results. The economic landscape can change, and relying solely on historical data may not accurately predict future performance.
Currently, the investment opportunities available on our platform do not involve leverage.
Minority Investment and Lack of Control
Investing in a particular opportunity means holding a minority stake, which may limit your ability to influence decision-making. Your returns could be dependent on the management and decisions made by majority stakeholders.
Delayed Payments
Payments related to investment opportunities may experience delays beyond the agreed-upon timeframe. By agreeing herein, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for facilitating timely payouts related to any investment opportunities.
Inaccurate/Incomplete Information
While we strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information, please be aware that the reports and analyses on our platform may not cover every aspect of an investment opportunity. It's your responsibility to conduct thorough due diligence before investing.
Changes in Indian Law/Regulations
The legal and regulatory landscape surrounding investment opportunities is subject to change. Any alterations in laws or regulations could affect the performance of investments. It's important to stay informed about such developments and their potential impact on your investments.